Tuesday, 18 September 2007

New unlimited broadband scroller

I updated the scroller on my broadband website www.ukbroadbandfinder.com this morning - it now scrolls through five unlimited broadband packages.

Previously it scrolled some of the fastest broadband packages, but I felt it needed a change as:

(a) there is already a superfast broadband page on the site, and
(b) the issue of bandwidth limits has been in the news recently so I figured more people might be looking for a broadband package with a more substantial download limit (even if they are all subject to fair use policy...)

I am still planing to write a specific unlimited broadband page for the site, as that will give me an opportunity to build in more keyword phrases for SEO purposes - but the scroller will fill a gap until then.

By Sarah, UK Broadband Finder

Friday, 14 September 2007

Blog articles for SEO

I'm trying to update my broadband comparison website much more frequently - not just with broadband offers (which I keep up to date with) but also keyword-rich and informative articles about broadband.

The aim is three fold:
  1. to impress the faceless algorythms of Google
  2. to create an expert, trusted environment to undecided but potential broadband buyers
  3. to encourage visitors to return for more updated information at a later date
I've decided that using the Joomla blog for articles makes the most sense - they are easy for users to find on the site, and they don't need much formatting. so they are quick to write.

Today I added a blog post about the potential for bandwidth meltdown - this has been in the news a lot recently, partly because ISPs raised it in response to the Beta launch of the potentially bandwidth-gobbling BBC iPlayer.

From an SEO post of view, I made sure I added lots of links out to online newspaper articles and also the The Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG). (This is important, as most of the links on my website are of course affiliate links which don't help SEO). I also included some internal links in the text, which simply provide more routes for a search engine spider to get into the depths of the website.

By Sarah, UK Broadband Finder

More landing page tweaking

This evening I tweaked my Laptops are free Adwords campaign landing page.

I was getting a lot of traffic (and great results on my ads) but once visitors got to my page they seemed to stick there... and go no further. Lovely though the page was, the idea was for them to click through to AOL and actually sign up for some broadband.

I realised that although there were lots of calls to action on my landing page they may have seemed a bit like points of no return - that is, lots of Buy! buttons but not enough More info buttons.

I have now rectified this and the page looks a lot clearer - and it's obvious what the next step is for any visitor.

As you'll see I also have some click here buttons - in my previous life as a web editor I always told people not to use click here as it seemed a bit too late '90s My First Website. But actually on a landing page I think it is necessary as it makes it super-obvious what the next step should be. And as a usability specialist once told me, "Nothing says 'click here' like 'click here'."

By Sarah, UK Broadband Finder

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

AOL free laptop and cut price broadband offers launch

AOL have launched their Laptops are free offer for AOL Wireless Plus, AND cut the price of AOL Broadband Wireless to £9.99/month for 6 months.

Over the last few days TradeDoubler has started providing the tracking links for these offers, so I have started promoting them on www.ukbroadbandfinder.com and on all my blogs.

I have also launched a Free laptops Adwords ad group, which drives traffic to a specific landing page.

I'll be pushing both offers intensively through organic search and paid search. The free laptops broadband deal particularly is such an amazing offer - especially for families needing another computer - that I am sure it will increase traffic significantly, and boost my sales.

By Sarah, UK Broadband Finder

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Adwords landing pages updated

Now that AOL's Broadband Wireless package is live, I have spent a few hours today updating my AOL Adwords landing pages.

I have two - one on 8Mb broadband, and one on wireless broadband.

I've updated my copy to push the price (£14.99 per month), created some new headings, and tweaked the copy around the new offer.

Within Google Adwords, I added a few new keyword phrases, and some new ad variations, particularly around the 8Mb price.

Both campaigns are now live again and getting some clicks.

By Sarah, UK Broadband Finder

Monday, 3 September 2007

Promoting AOL Broadband Wireless

The new AOL package Broadband Wireless went live today. It has a download speed of up to 8Mb, a free wireless router, and it's still under £15 a month (£14.99 a month to be precise, but I wonder how many people search on "broadband for £14.99" vs. "broadband under £15"?).

Anyway I've spent this morning putting AOL Broadband Wireless on every site and blog I have. You can see it on:
  1. the homepage of UK Broadband Finder, plus the usual package, provider and offer pages
  2. my UK Broadband Finder site blog
  3. my broadband offers blog, ukbroadbandfinder.blogspot.com
  4. my news blog, ukbroadband.wordpress.com
  5. and even my BT Tradespace site, at ukbroadbandfinder.bttradespace.com
Short of sticking a postcard in my local newsagent's window, or sending a light aircraft down the valley with an AOL Broadband Wireless - broadband without wires! banner trailing behind it, I think I have covered most bases.

My next task - to revamp my AOL Adwords landing pages and get those live as soon as possible.

By Sarah, UK Broadband Finder

Friday, 31 August 2007


I had a really enjoyable day yesterday, meeting some of the guys from TradeDoubler and AOL, and some other affiliates.

I picked some brains... and then had a few G&Ts so I was quite surprised I actually remembered the conversations.

All the affiliate networks I am with encourage us to get out there and meet other affiliates, merchants, etc, and since starting this mentoring scheme I have decided to grab every opportunity as it arises.

So today I have booked myself onto the A4U Expo at ExCel in October - getting that Early Bird discount with just hours to spare. It seems to be awash with related networking events but as it's costing me £179 (plus VAT - and worth every penny I expect) I may lay off the gins so I don't risk forgetting everything I learn. Then again, I may just take notes.

By Sarah, UK Broadband Finder